Well welcome back to the flying club newsletter. As the chairman stated at the AGM he was looking for somebody who was recently retired, had plenty of time on their hands and could spell their own name to take on the newsletter, for some reason he was looking at myself (Chris Vernon) whilst he was delivering the heartfelt words !!! so I have agreed to do the newsletter for the next year.

Firstly, it has to be said the previous editor (RIP Peter) produced a very informative and slick newsletter with excellent photographs. I will never be able to fill Peters boots from a photographic point of view but I have a camera and intend to keep it in the car to capture photos when I visit the flying field or up the fell slope soaring. I shall also have my reporter’s notepad at hand to scribble down anything that I might think be useful for the newsletter for example landing in a tree??

FYI Peter produced nearly one hundred newsletters

A newsletter is only as good as the information that is provided to the editor as this was this case with Peters newsletters. I intend to publish the first ‘proper’ newsletter in the new year so you all have Christmas to think about what you would like in the newsletter. The newsletter will as the title says be ‘News’ and not a platform for a for sale/wanted section, there are plenty of other social media sites/platforms for doing that.

I have a former colleague from my previous life (working) who covertly and against all protocols used government and NATO tracking equipment to locate Will Sparrow. Will has been hunkered down during the dreadful pandemic but is still chirping away and has agreed to visit our field very soon and feedback observations to myself.


The AGM took place on the 1st December at Marton institute. This year the meeting was also conducted via Zoom for those who could not attend. This turned out to be successful thanks mainly to Mark Conlin who set up the meeting and provided the splendid equipment to enable this kind of meeting.

There are now some new faces who have taken up posts on the committee. Below is a summary of their names and their respective position.

• Paul Cusworth – Chairman
• Jason Reid – Vice Chairman
• Mark Conlin – Treasurer
• Andy Harrison – Membership Secretary
• Jake Reid – Events Secretary
• Justin Goldstone – Officer
• Anthony Ollerton – Officer
• Andy Moore – Officer
• David Hindley – Officer
• Stephen Warburton – Secretary

I am sure we have a very good committee there and hopefully in the next couple of newsletters I can report on what they are planning for next year’s flying season, let’s hope we can put on some events that sadly got cancelled this year, fingers crossed.

Annual Quiz Night & Hot Pot Supper

Wednesday the 15th December at Marton Institute will be the annual quiz night and hot pot supper. This is always a good night if not controversial at times, you can always rely on the quiz master to be consistent with his awarding of points and deducting points.

The same colleague who tracked down Will Sparrow has very kindly loaned me a MI5 gadget that tracks people using their phones to find the answers, it’s a very small device so you will not know it is active, you have been warned.

Club Membership Fees

Don’t forget to renew your membership for the upcoming year, it is easily forgotten about due to Christmas etc; mark your calendar , set reminders on your phone, Alexa or whatever device you use
Like I have previously stated I intend to start issuing a better standard newsletter after Christmas.

If I don’t see you before Christmas have a safe and enjoyable Christmas and let’s hope for a great year next year and let’s hope the model shops get more stock back in.

Chris V