Aeroshow Fun Fly – ***CANCELLED***

Saturday 28th August 2021

10.00am – 5.00pm

Dear Club Member,

Next Saturday the 28th August 2021 (obviously weather permitting) we are holding our annual Aeroshow event at the field.

Traditionally this event tended to be for the more experienced pilots amongst us, flying pre-agreed patterns and their performance judged accordingly.

However, this year the committee has decided to open the event to all members regardless of ability including trainees and judging will be based on performance against the expected level of the pilots experience.

For  example, a Trainee flying a perfect circuit and good landing could well be judged above an experienced aerobatic pilot or prop hanger !!

The event will be judged by senior committee members and the Club’s Aeroshow trophy will be awarded to who in their opinion,  performed best to their ability on the day.

Lets try and get as many members involved as possible and make this an event to be remembered.

David Kirkbride—Events Secretary